Back in Black Tweed

Simple Slouchy Beanie back

A hat was my first cast-on for the first day of the new year. The Simply Slouchy Beanie, a pattern by Kelly Kingston, lived up to its claim. Substantial enough to engage the hands, it didn’t overload my middle-aged brain that had stayed up past midnight a few hours earlier. (Who am I kidding? I’m sleep-deprived most days, thanks to a naturally wonky circadian rhythm.)

Simple Slouchy Beanie front

I finished this hat within twenty-four hours, holding my Cascade 220 Tweed yarn double to replicate the bulky weight called for. Doing this took 365.4 yards of stash, and I’m using the remaining 101.2 yards in my new Zigzag Dregs Blanket based on Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Zigzag pattern.

Zig Zag Dregs Blanket beginning

That’s right, I’ve started another blanket. That makes four blankets-in-progress now, plus all the quilts I’ve never gotten back to. The fabric shouldn’t have all the fun of being in limbo.

Anyway, Kelly Kingston, the designer of the slouchy beanie, is Australian, and I chose her pattern not only because it was brain-easy but also because I decided I would take part in the Wonders of the World KAL that features designers, yarn dyers, and bag and notions makers all over the world from the first of the year through June. January featured talent in Australia and New Zealand. This month is all about Africa, but I haven’t figured out what I’m doing for it yet.

Puerperium Cardy chest

I also began a baby sweater pattern by Kelly van Niekerk of New Zealand, but I didn’t finish it by the end of January. Despite the photo above from when I had just finished the chest, all the sweater is missing now are the buttons and the stabilizing ribbon behind the button band, and any recently-born baby will have a power red fashion statement to keep it warm. In the meantime, the current Stash Marathon tally, please.



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