Linen in winter

When I worked in the yarn shop and then again in the candy shop, I wore kerchiefs or headbands to keep my hair out of my eyes. (A longtime habit for one of my grandmas was pushing my overgrown bangs off my face. Tsk-tsk, teenagers.) I still eschew hairspray and other freeze-frying hair products, so mechanical measures over chemical are preferred to keep my vision unimpaired.

Lichen Kerchief

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Back in Black Tweed

Simple Slouchy Beanie back

A hat was my first cast-on for the first day of the new year. The Simply Slouchy Beanie, a pattern by Kelly Kingston, lived up to its claim. Substantial enough to engage the hands, it didn’t overload my middle-aged brain that had stayed up past midnight a few hours earlier. (Who am I kidding? I’m sleep-deprived most days, thanks to a naturally wonky circadian rhythm.)

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